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Our story for Fort Collins

Started our family business!

Our mission:

To serve hale and hearty meals the way they cook at home!

About us, I, Reena, and my husband, Narayan, have always been the cooks of our families, taking over the kitchen and testing new recipes for all our dinners and get together.

Seventeen years ago, we decided to transform our love of cooking to another level. We realized our mission in life has always been to serve other people, and what’s a better thing to serve then a hale and hearty meal!

Our years of planning took off in 2005 with Annapurna Restaurant, our first Indian-Nepali cuisine establishment in Loveland. We were novices in restaurant business back then, but wanted to expand our business to other cities as well. In 2008 we opened Gurkhas Restaurant in Boulder and fairly soon in 2010, its sister-restaurant, Gurkhas on the Hill next to University of Colorado, Boulder.

For 30 years of combine experience we have been cooking and serving rich and delicious Indian-Nepali food to hundreds of people everyday. Our next stop is one of our favorite cities, Fort Collins.  

Fort Collins is one of our favorite towns to visit in Colorado. The hustle and bustle of a college town, the exciting energy of the people, and the countless amazing restaurants have always attracted us. On our last visit to Fort Collins in early 2019, we were craving Thai food. We tried to find a good Thai place that we would love and keep coming back to but our efforts were wasted. That’s when we had the idea: why not start our own Thai place, near Colorado State University?

We have loved Thai food ever since we first discovered it and have learnt how to cook it by training with traditional chefs from Thailand (at Fantastic Thai Cuisine) who have been working in the industry for over three decades. Opening a Thai place is something we have always talked and dreamed about. And now it is finally coming to fruition.

We are very excited to cook up some mean Thai cuisine and serve the city of Fort Collins. Gear up Rams, we’re coming home with the best Thai food you have ever had!

Gurkhas On The Hill
Thai Restaurant, Fort Collins

Gurkhas On The Hill, Location,
Next to University of Boulder since 2010

1310 College Ave, suite 230, Boulder, CO 80302

Tararine, Thai Cuisine

1401 W Elizabeth st, suite 140,
Fort Collins, CO 80521

The ethos


Seafood soup

No Compromise

Bringing you the quality.

We take cooking your food seriously. It takes skill to create delicious food in a small amount of time, thankfully we are experts at that. We believe in bringing fresh food to your table at a reasonable price without compromising authenticity.

We are passionate about pleasing your palate!

Our Team

experience you can trust

Meet our Chefs who cook up your fire meals.  



Head Chef

Our head Chef Eak was born and raised in Thailand. He has been professionally cooking Thai food for the last 40 years, and this is not mentioning the years he spent learning cooking Thai food in his homeland. He has helped start and setup several Thai restaurants in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. His next stop in life is cooking fire Thai meals and heading the Tararine team.

Suhil's pict

Sushil R Sharma

Executive Chef

Our executive chef Sushil was born and raised in Nepal. Originally an expert pastry chef, he has expanded his expertise in Indian and Nepali cuisine. He has trained and worked as a head chef in several kitchens in Colorado and has 15 years of experience under his wing. He is currently on his way to master Thai cuisine. 

Reena's Strech

Reena Duwal

Executive Chef

Our executive chef Reena is the co founder of Gurkhas On The Hill and Tararine Restaurant. She has opened and headed five successful businesses in Colorado in the last 15 years. She was trained in Thai cuisine by the best Thai cooks in the industry. Having dominated the Indian-Nepali culinary scene in Boulder, her next goal is to open the best Thai restaurant Fort Collins has ever seen. 

We love to Give Back to Community.

We are Tararine, a new Thai Cuisine Restaurant in Fort Collins believe in giving back. We are a local family owned business and we want to collaborate with your schools, local community organizations for a potential Community Restaurant Night. We value our local local non profit, doing great job, schools and teachers and would like to use our business for a fundraiser in order to show you our support. We will donate 20% of our order totals from the designated day and time from all participated customers. We want to connect with fellow local communities in the area and support them. Let us know if you’d like to collaborate with us!

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1401 W Elizabeth St, suite 140
Fort Collins, CO 80521

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